Script to Turn Off computer after download completes

I must admit, this scenario is a bit “fictional” for a programmer, but yet plausible (man, this term always makes me think of MythBusters and how fun that show was). Anyways, if it’s that only time in your career when you decide to go on a vacation, but just as you prepare to leave the … Read more

Automatically backup work files using Powershell

When developing software or any other type of product (i.e a book or a logo) you have work in progress before you get to that final “deliverable” that you either push to source control, send to an editor or to the actual client. This happens at a small scale on a daily basis. What I … Read more

Automatically delete garbage files using Powershell

This little experiment started after realizing that I am a digital hoarder. I used to have files in my downloads folders that were so old they had Clippit all over them in their youth 🤦‍♂️ This obviously needs an over engineered solution, hence presenting: Le code and that Windows task (exported from Task Scheduler as … Read more