Naming Conventions in modern Software Development


Is about establishing and following a particular way of naming objects and/or processes across an organization and/or on software projects. From file/folder names to tables, variables, classes and so on. Amongst many of the benefits, this ensures consistency across an organization and makes code so much more readable and “familiar”, if that makes sense. Road … Read more

A honest example of technical debt

Is this article. You were supposed to write a consistent, well documented article on <random topic> or complete that project piece of code, write the best crafted unit tests, have the finest wiki documentation… But life happens: COVID-19 hits you, anniversary in the family, a (new) personal project or just plain sloth. You end up … Read more

Software IDE is like your woodshop

First of all, that stands for Integrated Development Environment and you might just know this concept from your daily activities, as it is “related” to almost every product development cycle. Let me detail. Now, imagine you’re into woodworking and you want to make a kitchen table. It goes without saying that you already have an … Read more

Non programmer, start your programming journey today

You want to learn how to code as a hobby or to make a serious career change but you don’t know how to do it. Here is a list of thoughts that I sincerely hope will help you on this adventure. Programming/coding/software development is about problem solving When you start looking into the hows and … Read more

Hello world!

When starting the programming journey, as in all activities that you start, you have that crazy good energy that you want to translate it instantly into something tangible, something you can immediately feel proud of. Picking your first programming low hanging fruit. You buy your first drill, of course you want to make a whole … Read more