Automatically backup work files using Powershell

When developing software or any other type of product (i.e a book or a logo) you have work in progress before you get to that final “deliverable” that you either push to source control, send to an editor or to the actual client. This happens at a small scale on a daily basis.

What I mean by this is, for example, as a software developer, you daily (or x days) vomit push code to source control, as an author, you write a book chapter or two and send it to the editor or to someone for a second opinion (before having the entire “masterpiece” completed) and so on..

It often happens that you have a version of “something” today (draft, working POC, you name it) and you think you can do better tomorrow, after a couple of beers of course and a good night sleep.

But tomorrow (having had more than two beers the evening before), you alter that “something” you had yesterday and you create something worse than “something”.

More beers, more days.. you end up with basically rubbish “something” and you just want to go back in time, but CTRL+Z had some beers as well and can’t remember… 😭

I think you get the point here and if your file names usually end with then this might be handy:

Powershell script and that Windows task (exported from Task Scheduler as XML) are available on GitHub at:

Cheers! 🍺

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